BanditCat Whitepaper
Last updated: 4/30/24
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BanditCoin is a SPL-based digital asset. BanditCoin runs on the Solana blockchain with future plans to also
run on ethereum. 

BanditCoin is a beloved tuxedo cat who passed away and this project is to honor him and felines everywhere. In light of this, Bandit Cat is not alone
and in the future will additional tokens and collectables such as CatStashes with items inside.

Think of a CatStash as a stakable asset where acquired items an be stored to earn rewards.
We also plan to offer point and click-basd tokenized web games. 

Additionally, there is some interest in real world stores that are interested in taking Bandit Cat as a form of payment.


Why Bandit Cat? Bandit Cat is the ONLY token designed and built by a blind engineer from Wall St. The creator of this token, Ryan has 

over 18 years of expereince in the finance industry as a developer, cloud, and security engineer. With a vast understing of markets,
tokenomics, and software development, we believe our team can bring you the best and most unique way to spend your coins, to earn rewards,
or to trade.

Our Vision

1. Provide a user friendly and adaptive platform that is accessible by all. FACT: Most blockchain projects and platforms are
NOT accessible to the visually impaired.

2. Integrate BanditCat themed items into our ecosystem. This is in the form of collectables such as limited edition stickers, NFT's, and limited
edition small batch minted coins.

3. Build a warm and friendly community that is welcoming to all, a community that shares a love for cats, cat themed items, and stickers. Most of all
a community that is welcoming to people with visual disabilities and the likes. A lot of the cryptosphere is inaccessible to the visually
impaired, lets change that. 

4. Support real world inititives for blind / visully impaired tchnologists.
  4a. Make cryptocurrency more readily available for the blind
  4b. Set aside a portion of token sales into a staked / interest bearing wallet.

5. Create a cryptocurrency-backed education fund for blind / visually impaired technologists.
  5a. Enrollment form to become available within the coming months.

6. Launch special edition feline themed coins and NFT's in the future to build a cat-centric ecosystem.

Long Tterm support and Security 

We are a crypto startup with substantial backing with an industry leading engineering and security team. Our sites are projected by a global CDN and we have hardend and
audited systems. 

We are guaranteeing no rug-pulls or related acts as seen by other crypto projects. This is not us as we have been in the finance industy since 2005. 

Click the link for our DexScreener: Dex Screener
Click the link for our SolScan contract address: for BanditCat